Mirrl, a Scottish company manufacturing in Glasgow


The product now known as Mirrl has been in development for fifteen years – trialled, manufactured and provided to clients by founding partner Simon Harlow purely by word of mouth, through his company Simon Harlow Design & Build Ltd.

Different usages, techniques and thicknesses have been developed in that time to arrive at the optimum material. Growing demand has led us to now proudly launch Mirrl onto the market with a proven track record as a durable, unique and sought after material.

Mirrl’s origins are in Japan. Co-founder Simon Harlow lived and worked there over fifteen years ago and during the trip came across heirloom objects decorated with an exquisite pattern. He began to look into the origins of the decorative style and discovered it was made using an increasingly rare six hundred year old technique called Tsugaru Nuri.

Having seen what the Japanese laquer artists could achieve, he started to try out different techniques back home using resin and colour. After considerable experimentation he created the surface pattern which is now called Mirrl.


Mirrl is a Scottish company, based in Govanhill on Glasgow’s South Side, consisting of two co-founders. Simon Harlow and Lewis Harley, who originally met at the Glasgow School of Art in the late 90’s, came together with a passion for Mirrl and a belief that they could meet a demand for a unique material made with great care and using local skills and talent.