Mirrl, product features

Mirrl is a solid surface material on a Poplar plywood substrate. It is highly resilient, long lasting, waterproof, food safe, repairable and ready for joinery.

Each sheet of Mirrl is one-of-a-kind, made to order.

Mirrl can be created in numerous colourways, chosen precisely by the client.

Mirrl is simple to work with, it can be seamlessly cut and jointed.

Mirrl is highly resilient and very easy to clean and maintain.


Mirrl is suitable for interior and exterior use. Uses include, but are not limited to:

  • Domestic and commercial kitchen and dining surfaces
  • Bathroom/wet room surfaces
  • Bar tops, restaurant table tops
  • Retail, office and domestic furniture
  • Wall, floor, ceiling cladding
  • Unique architectural projects

Mirrl is not just limited to flat sheets, it can be used in many other ways – See Projects for further examples.

We have an experienced in-house build team so please get in touch to discuss any special requirements you might have.


The process involves producing multiple patterned layers of tinted resin in different tones or colours onto Poplar plywood.

The finished surface is typically 1.5mm thick applied on top of the substrate. We can adjust the substrate from 6mm to 24mm in thickness – giving a range of technical capabilities.

Mirrl can be joined with colour matched resin to create a seemless finish that can be easily cleaned and maintained.

Every order is a custom order.

We make all of our Mirrl to order, working with our clients each step of the way.

Frequent experimentation means new colourways are regularly created and added to the collection.

The opacity and translucency of each colour layer can be controlled to make every sheet as bold or as subtle as desired.

Below are a few examples of past colourways we have created for clients.

Previous Colourways

Golden yellow/pale mint grey/soot. Based on hardy lichen clusters. Bold and glowing
Technical Information

Care & Maintenance

Mirrl is hard-wearing and durable and resilient when fitted and looked after correctly. Please adhere to our simple Care and Maintenance guidelines to ensure that your Mirrl keeps looking it’s best.

Technical Information

Performance Characteristics

Mirrl compares well to other solid surface materials on the market. Please consult our latest performance record here.

Technical Information

Installation Guide

Straightforward to work with for an experienced joiner or fitter, Mirrl can be sized and jointed using standard methods and equipment. Please read our Installation Guide for more information.

Technical Information

Terms & Conditions

Technical Information




Please consult the FAQ page for more information.

To talk to us about any queries you might have, or to place an order, just email us:

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